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Royal Worcester Ernest Phillips Cup and Saucer

The world of antiques is filled with enchanting pieces that echo a rich and storied past. Among the myriad of timeless treasures, one must not overlook the exquisite elegance of the Royal Worcester Ernest Phillips cup and saucer sets. As true works of art, these pieces blend history, craftsmanship, and the finest porcelain, making them […]

The significance of knitting sheaths in the realm of traditional craftsmanship cannot be understated. These practical tools, typically hand-carved from wood, played a vital role in the everyday lives of knitters. Not only were knitting sheaths used to mend and darn socks, gloves, hats, and other woolen items, but they also allowed individuals to supplement […]

Enamel Pin

We have been working to determine the breed of dog depicted in the miniature attached to this cravat pin. After extensive research and a serendipitous conversation with another dealer, we have identified the dog as a Manchester Terrier. The miniature of the Manchester Terrier was painted by W.B. Ford, who specialised in creating miniature enamel […]

Moritz Immisch, born in Germany, was the eldest son of August Christian Immisch, a watchmaker. After completing university, he and his younger brother migrated to England in the early 1860s and settled in London. In 1876, Moritz married an English woman and became a naturalised British citizen in 1896. Initially, Immisch gained recognition among leading […]

The remarkable aspect of the antique business is that there’s always something new and unheard of, taking you on a captivating journey through history. We derive immense joy and pleasure from purchasing and researching items, and continue to be amazed by the craftsmanship and artistry that went into creating these beautiful objects. Each year, we […]