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The wonderful thing about the antique business is there is always something you have never seen or heard of that takes you on a wonderful journey through history. We get eminence joy and pleasure from buying and researching the items and are still always amazed by the craftsmanship and artistry that went into producing the […]
Enamel Pin

Story Behind the Object

MINIATURE MANSCHESTER TERRIER CRAVAT PIN We have been trying to identify the breed of dog in the miniature attached to this cravat pin. After much research and by sheer coincidence (through a conversation with another dealer) we now know the dog is a ManchesterTerrier. The miniature Manchester Terrier was painted by W.B. Ford who was […]

The Watch Shaped Thermometer

The story behind the watch shaped thermometer invented by Moritz Immisch(1838-1903). Moritz Immisch was born in Germany and was the eldest son of August Christian Immisch, a watchmaker. After graduating from University he and a younger brother emigrated to England in the early 1860’s and they both settled in London. In 1876 Moritz married an […]

Wooden Knitting Sheaths

Knitting sheaths were devices, traditionally carved from wood, to aid knitting. The importance of the sheath cannot be underestimated, not only were they used to mend and darn socks, gloves, hats and wool items but to supplement their incomes by making and selling socks. Knitting sheaths were used by placing the end of the stick against […]