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Treenware Pipe Holder



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Pipe Holder A Dutch treenware carved and brass pipe holder with original clay pipe. Circa 1720.
The holder/case was made to hold a clay pipe to protect them from damage. Clay pipes were used by all classes in the 17 the and 18 the centuries. They were brittle and easily broken so a personal pipe had to have a case to prevent breakage. Amongst the smoking aristocracy pipe cases were status symbols and a few like this example were significant works of art. In the 17th the century cases had a sliding door, and closed ends, while later ones in the 18th century were replaced by a brass hinged shutter, and an opening on the other stem end.
Condition: Good with minimal wear consistent with age and use.
Dimensions: Weight 95gm, Length 22.5cm, Width 2cm, Height 2cm