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A Bronze Austrian Cigar Cutter


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An Austrian cigar cutter features a sculpted figure of a bear lying on top of a log made from bronze as seen by its colouration. The bear is finely detailed, showcasing the contours and features of the animal. The cutter's functional part is at the base, where one can insert a cigar and clip its end.
This Austrian cigar cutter is from around the year 1910. Items like these were popular during the early 20th century, not just for their utility but also for their ornate designs, which made them collectible and unique. The inclusion of animal figures, like the bear, was a common motif in decorative arts during this period, particularly in European countries. Such items often served dual purposes as functional tools and decorative pieces for the discerning gentleman.

Condition Report: Good with minimal wear consistent with age and use. One small screw missing at the base near the the cutter.

Dimensions: Weight 325gm, Length 18cm, Width 4cm, Height 2cm.