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Physogs – British Game



Physogs is a British game from the 1940s, is a popularized version of physiognomy, the art of judging human character from facial features. The object of the game is not merely the piecing together of features but the building of faces, the features of which are consistent with each other. The eyes, nose, mouth etc. must not, in its respective ‘character’, conflict with any other feature. It is possible, by various combinations of these cards, to form 13 different types of facial character and the types are described on the type cards and in the key book. Enclosed in the original box are four frame cards, two male faces and two female faces with a centre square cut out. There 13 cards each for eyes, noses and mouths as well as 13 cards which that match facial characteristics with personality/character types. The rules and objectives of the game booklet and a booklet showing the keys to matching character to the constructed faces. Circa 1930 -1940.

Condition: Good with wear consistent with age and use. There is some light fading to the extremities of the upper lid.

Dimensions: Boxed Weight 760gm, Length 41.9cm, Width 26.7cm, Height 3.5cm.