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French Novelty Inkwell


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An intricately crafted inkwell that takes the shape of a dog's head. The dog boasts realistic glass eyes that gleam with lifelike detail. The rich, glossy finish on the dog's face captures the essence and character of the breed, revealing attention to detail in its crafting. Around its neck, the dog wears a leather collar, detailed with fine stitching.
A primary functional element of the inkwell is the brass-hinged lid located on the top of the dog's head. When lifted, it reveals a copper-encased glass inkwell. This glass container is designed to hold ink, and it comes with a catch-release lid to ensure the contents are kept secure and to prevent spills.
Considering the design and detailing, the inkwell likely served as both a functional tool and a decorative piece on a writer's desk. Its design suggests that it's from around the 1890s, a period when such ornate and detailed desktop items were in vogue.
Overall, this dog-shaped inkwell stands as a testament to the artistry and craftsmanship of the time, blending functionality with aesthetics in a delightful manner. Circa 1890

Condition Report: Good with wear consistent with age and use.

Dimensions: Weight 130gm, Length 9cm, Width 5cm, Height 7.5cm