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European Swan Centre Pieces



European Swan Centre Pieces - Two silver plate swans with red glass eyes and articulated wings that open out to reveal a vase with the metal flower frog. Stamped Alpacca. Circa 1950.

Alpaca / Alpacca alloy consists of copper, zinc and nickel, developed in Germany in 1823. The advantage of the use of Alpacca alloy as the base metal for silver plating is that the appearance of the objects does not change significantly with the wearing away of the silver layer. 75%

Condition: Good with wear consistent with age and use. As seen in photographs

Dimensions: Large Swan - Weight 2875 gms  Length 30.5 cm (Tip of the break to the tail)  Height 26cm (Top of neck to base) 14cm Width 12cm.  Small Swan - Weight 2250 gms  Length 29cm (Tip of the break to the tail)  Height 24.4cm (Top of neck to base) 12cm Width 9cm

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